Partnership Philosophy

We are your biggest fan and want you to win!

WE're your biggest supportersIt’s a challenging market and we’ll help you navigate it. We know that it’s competitive out there and you need every available advantage. At IRG, we give you the varied, customized services you need from one unified therapy company.

Let us help run your facility smoothly, so you can get down to the business of taking care of your patients.

Our growth has come through partnership with our patients. We believe close patient relationships, positive communication, and responsive action is the vital IRG difference. Additionally, we have earned this success and reputation through planned growth and the development of a management infrastructure to support the expansion of our services.

IRG is committed to providing each individual we serve with the foundation of a true partnership.  For example, our on-site Clinic Directors are highly trained to be accountable for the overall program performance and success. We design programs based upon the specific needs of the facility opposed to the “one size fits all” approach. Support from regional management, recruiting, business development, billing, and clinical consulting compliments our on-site leaders.

We believe that this management structure enhances communication, offers our partners immediate access to people who are empowered to make decisions, decreases response time, and fosters an What Physical Therapy Partners Can Achieve... A Clinic of their Own!environment to develop stronger clinical programs that positively impact the lives of the facility patients & staff.

And the best part is, your patients can continue to work with you in a facility they know and trust, while you benefit from enhanced services. Use our solutions within your own infrastructure and soon you’ll begin to see more efficient service, a wider breadth of resources and a depth of experience that will streamline your systems and help improve the quality of life for your patients.

We combine your strengths, clinical skills and physician relationships, with our strengths, financial and operational support, to form a partnership that delivers high-quality care built around your treatment philosophy.

Our clinics are built around our partners and their skills and interests. No two clinics are the same. We have clinics that specialize in sports medicine, hand therapy, spine, occupational medicine and some that do general orthopedic therapy. We have many partners who have one facility and others with multiple locations.

What do you want to do?  Are you ready for the next step up in the therapy world? Do you want to own your own clinic? We can help you.