Partnership Qualifications

High-energy, hands-on with a competitive nature and drive to succeed.

We are looking for physical, hand and occupational therapists interested in being involved from the ground up to build new practices in growing communities in the Northwest. Our partnerships are built on a shared ownership model. This model allows the therapist/owner the decision-making independence for clinic programs and direction while administrative support services are provided from the home office. You will receive support services including clinical admin support, centralized management of billing, collections, contracting, accounts receivable, credentialing, HR and more.

Interested candidates should have the following qualifications:

  • 2-3+ years outpatient orthopedic experience / functional movement 
  • Strong communications skills
  • Leadership skills and desire for business development
  • Ability to build and maintain referral relationships
  • Strong clinical skills
  • Commitment to seizing opportunities and getting things done
  • Integrity: presents information directly and truthfully, keeping confidences and admitting mistakes
  • Respect and appreciation of all people for the importance of their contributions
  • Values teamwork and finds common ground to solve problems for the good of all
  • Empowers and trusts associates to make decisions creating a climate of shared ownership
  • Hires the most talented person for every job
  • Invests in and supports professional growth and pursues continuous improvement


IRG PT Partnership Support StaffOur partner candidates are typically directors of outpatient therapy clinics who have been practicing in their market for several years. They have established an outstanding clinical reputation and are recognized by the medical community for their expertise. Physicians and patients refer directly to the therapist.