Mary Slater,


  • B.F.A. in Dance from York University in Toronto

Professional Membership

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Specialized Training

  • Advanced MELT Method Instructor
  • Founding Member, Doug Varone and Dancers, NYC


Mary holds a B.F.A. in Dance from York University in Toronto, and began her career as a professional dancer. She is a founding member of Doug Varone and Dancers, NYC, having toured internationally to critical acclaim. She has served as Adjunct and Guest Faculty in the dance departments at NYU, The Ohio State University, University of Washington and Cornish College. Mary is an NSCA certified personal trainer; and, until recently, owner of The Body Moving LLC, her private personal training practice where she worked with a variety of clientele.

Mary brings 30 years of experience in movement education to her clinic work. Her focus is on fascia. Springy, responsive fascia allows bones to float and decompress, and the nervous system to fire muscles much more efficiently. Teaching clients to self-treat the “neurofascial” net of the body directly with The MELT Method techniques, and indirectly with somatic practices, restores stability. A stable body is able to move dynamically, fluidly, and most importantly, without pain!

Mary uses several modalities. They include The MELT Method Length and Neurostrength curricula, principles of exercise science, and foundations of somatic traditions including Hanna Somatics, Pilates, Feldenkrais, and Yoga, which she has studied for many years. The movements range from simple and mindful, staying in the parasympathetic nervous system, to larger functional and sport patterns to rebuild clients’ confidence.

Mary’s particular interest is in serving clients who suffer with persistent pain.

"Through my own practice of The MELT Method, my approach to movement and recovery has been transformed. I am committed to educating my clients and students who seek to relieve pain, and improve muscular efficiency and performance for running a marathon, optimizing yoga practice, gardening for hours, or, most importantly, navigating the day in a body that moves with ease."
Mary Slater, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced MELT Method Instructor