Ryan Appell, PT, DPT

Clinic Director


  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science- Gonzaga University
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy-Regis University

Professional Membership

  • American Physical Therapy Association

Specialized Training

  • I specialize in treatment of persistent pain states through pain education, graded activity exposure, and the treatment of CRPS (RSD) through graded motor imagery. I also have special training in rehabilitation of injured multi-sport athletes and runners through sport specific exercise programs and appropriate pacing.


I grew up in Montana where I got used to walking up hill both ways in 40 below zero weather. I then went to Gonzaga where I watched America's team play basketball for 4 years. I found my way to Denver, CO for PT school afterwards and then moved to Nashville TN after I graduated while my wife pursued a Master's degree at Vanderbilt. My wife and I moved to Seattle at the end of 2012 to be closer to family and bought a house last year. I have an interest in research and science related to physical therapy, particularly chronic pain conditions and novel scientific treatment approaches that allow patients to take control of their particular predicament.
I participate in short and medium distance triathlons and am an avid college basketball fan (Go Zags). I love spending time at home with my wife, Kendall, and my dog, Elvis. I also love paddle boarding, snow boarding, fishing, and really spicy food.

"I have a passion for understanding the science of pain and all the complexities it entails and translating this to clinical practice. The first step is education. High quality evidence now suggests that those patients who understand pain demonstrate improved function and outcomes. This has led to a treatment approach where I utilize a combination of therapeutic neuroscience education with gentle hands on and active movement to help patients in pain move toward those goals that are important to them."
Ryan Appell, PT, DPT