Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Published - Nov 16, 2018

We asked IRG’s Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Julie Mahler, MS, RDN, CD, to share a few tips for eating healthy this holiday season. She covered all the bases including nutrition facts, healthy recipes, and tips on mindful eating. Here’s a few of our favorites.

This holiday season, maintain a healthy eating style and enjoy your favorite foods with mindful eating. This approach encourages us to slow down, enjoy the textures and flavors of our meal, and listen to our hunger cues to avoid over-eating.
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Don’t feel badly about all the food you’re eating over the holidays. These healthy holiday staples will ensure you have the vitamins and nutrients needed to sustain you through the festive season.

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If you’re searching for ideas for allergy-free holiday side dishes, look no further. This article lists 16 healthy, allergy-free alternatives to traditional favorites and they’re all under 200 calories per serving.

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