Healthy Infused Waters

Published - Aug 22, 2019

Is drinking water too boring for you? How about more flavorful, fun drinks such as infused waters! All you need to do is grab any fruits and/or herbs you like, and create your very own delicious, healthy drink.

Here are some ideas:


For a simple summer drink, add raspberries and sliced lemon in a water bottle, refrigerate overnight, and enjoy your delicious, healthy drink throughout your day. And for more flavor and a metabolism boost, you can even add a teaspoon or more of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Another alternative is blueberry and orange water. Add some blueberries and sliced orange wedges into your bottle with water. Refrigerate and hydrate yourself constantly throughout the day with a refreshing infused water.


Slice up bite-size pieces for cucumbers, strawberries and limes. Soak overnight with water in your water bottle. In the morning, you can either take out the fruit or keep the fruit in your water bottle. And your infused water is ready to drink throughout your day.

Stay hydrated by drinking water and infused water! If you can’t give up coffee or tea, just remember that caffeine dehydrates you so you need to make more of an effort to drink more.