How To Thank Your Hands

Published - Nov 16, 2018

As Thanksgiving falls upon us, we want to make sure to protect our hands. The following are  some simple tips and tricks to make sure our hands stay safe this holiday season

Protect your joints

If able, use the larger joints of your body to accomplish tasks.

  • Use your shoulder or forearm to carry grocery bags.
  • Stabilize large pots and pans on your forearm when moving from one area to another.

Utilize tools to help you

  • Use an electric can/jar opener to open food container.
  • Use a pair of scissors to open bagged food.
  • Use an electric knife to carve.

Safety with carving

  • Make sure your cutting board is on a non-slip surface to prevent any movement.
  • Keep your handles clean and dry to prevent your hand from slipping.
  • Always cut away from yourself and keep your opposite hand away from the movement of the blade.
  • Make sure knives are sharp to limit the amount of grip or pinch needed.

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