Join us on the IRG Trail for a healthier, happier 2019!

Published - Jan 31, 2019

How it works 

IRG Physical & Hand Therapy is focusing on wellness. We're on a mission to walk more in 2019. From Friday, February 1 to Friday, March 29, IRG is inviting patients, past and present, to log your miles walked to see if we can walk to all Puget Sound clinics in eight weeks. This includes our South Sound and Sports PT clinics. If you walk 10,000 steps every day for eight weeks, you’ll meet the goal!* Visit your neighborhood clinic and pick up your logbook to help you track your steps. Use the hashtag #irgtrail on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share your journey

10,000 steps = 5 miles

*If you are injured and cannot walk, you are welcome to bike the IRG Trail. Five miles of biking will equal five miles of walking or 10,000 steps.


Patient Grand Prize:  Any walker who completes the IRG Trail logging 10,000 steps each day,
from February 1 – March 29, 2019 will be entered to win a $150 gift certificate to the nearest running/ walking shoe store and an IRG gift basket.*

Patient Participation Prize: 
Any patient who completes part of the trail, turns in their logbook, or uses the hashtag #irgtrail
on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
will be entered into a random drawing to win:
• Two Mariner’s Tickets
• Free Massage (at the nearest IRG clinic offering Massage Therapy)
• $25 Amazon Gift Certificate


Any participant in the IRG Trail will receive a T-Shirt by submitting their steps logbook provided by their neighborhood clinic.  

Talk to your Provider today to learn how to get started on the IRG Trail!