Regional Interdependence: It's All Connected

Published - Feb 28, 2020

Written by: Marty Roskoff, PT, DPT

Maybe you are brand new to the realm of physical therapy, or maybe you are more of a frequent flyer… either way it can be a confusing process. As we enter 2020, I want to double down on my efforts to keep our patients privy to the rehab process. 

When Physical Therapists evaluate your shoulder pain, we also assess your neck and elbow, or when we are working with hip pain, we also check the mobility of your ankle. Recognizing the primary area of complaint is the first step, but sometimes the culprit of the pain is farther away than you would expect. Ultimately, the whole musculoskeletal system is connected and intertwined. You may have pain in your shoulder, but it could be because of an injury in your elbow, or even your hip.

This phenomenon is called “regional interdependence”, which is a physical therapy concept that explains why impairments that seem unrelated to the point of pain, may contribute to or cause the primary point of pain.

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If you are interested in learning more about the subject of regional interdependence, click the link below for an interesting and informative case study! 

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