Therapy Life Tips

Published - Apr 01, 2019

We’re sharing five tips and tricks from our experts to keep you healthy and pain free this spring.

Need better grip? 

If you have limited finger mobility or strength, try using items that have wider and textured handles. Using wider handled items such as pens, spoons, and gardening tools reduce the stress on the joints of your hands.

Tight back? 

The foam roller can be used for more than just loosening your IT Bands. Try it on your back, quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. Place as much body mass as possible on the roller and slowly roll up and down the length of the muscle, wherever your area of pain. Repeat. 

No foam roller? 

If you don’t like the foam roller or don’t have access to one, you can roll out your tight muscles with a Stick roller. These are especially helpful for tight quads, calves, and hamstrings. If you don’t have a Stick, grab the rolling pin from your kitchen. It works just as well.

Trying to balance? 

When you are trying your best to stay balanced, don't forget to squeeze your buttocks, and keep three points of contact between your feet and the floor. We call this the tripod stance. Focus on:

  1. Your big toe knuckle
  2. The outside of your foot
  3. Your heel

Keep these three points planted to the floor and feel your balance improve!

Setting up your workstation? 

Your keyboard height should be 90 degrees parallel to you wrist and arms. Your monitor should be about a full arm’s length away (to the tips of you fingers when your arm is extended). Don’t forget to get up from your desk frequently throughout the day to walk around!