Fascia First Saturdays | IRG - Ballard


Fascia First Saturdays!

Does your body feel cranky and stiff? Are you looking for new self-care ideas to avoid injury in your sport? Do you suffer with chronic pain due to repetitive positions and tasks from work? How about getting the most out of life in a body that feels good? Come to class! 

Join us and explore the world of conditioning for your fascia.The fascial web is the support tissue for your bones, muscles and sensory nerves. The unique blend of techniques used in class restores deep support, resiliency and natural-born strength you can build on. Class includes:

  • simple, mindful movement to unwind tension
  • rollers and balls to decompress joints and re-energize muscles
  • bands and body weight for strength moves to challenge muscle firing

Class instructor is Mary Slater, NSCA-CPT, Advanced MELT Method instructor, Movement Specialist at IRG Center for Structural Medicine, and founding member of Doug Varone and Dancers, NYC.   

RSVP to reserve your spot now by calling 206-706-0063 or e-mailing emily.aungst@irgpt.com. 

Cost: $35 

Time: 9:00AM - 10:30AM 

Location: The Structural Medicine Studio in Ballard; 2821 NW Market St, Suite H | Seattle, WA 98107   

Please note that these classes are designed to include beginners; however, if you have a severe pain or mobility issue that prevents you from being able to transition from standing to the floor (and vice versa) or from doing most general movements, you will be best served starting with a private consultation with an IRG Center for Structural Medicine therapist. We take Medicare and most major insurance plans; please call 206-706-0063.

Mary Slater, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer Movement Specialist, 

IRG Center for Structural Medicine Advanced MELT Method Instructor Founding Member, 

Doug Varone and Dancers NYC