Free Yoga Session at IRG Physical Therapy - North Everett


Saturday, April 15 | Starting at 9am


IRG Physical Therapy - North Everett | 1332 Colby AVE, Everett, WA 98201


IRG Physical Therapy - North Everett is hosting Ashley Wigren for a free yoga session!

About Ashley:

After I found yoga in 2009, I felt like I needed to share it - almost a social responsibility that I had. Yoga has taught me so much that I could go on forever. But part of what yoga has taught me is to be present, show up, take care of myself, take care of others, be helpful however I can, and be kind. It really goes on and on, and it’s always changing. That is part of what keeps us yogis, both teachers and students, coming back to our mats. It’s a lifelong practice and learning. What you learn in a yoga class, you don’t leave it there, you take it all with you. The balance, the humility, the strength, the flexibility, the compassion, it is all translated over into our daily lives. We aren’t always at our best, we can’t be. But we have to show up, every day and yoga helps us do that.

Favorite Yoga Pose: I love cobra pose; lifting the chest, stretching the spine, breathing in deeply, softening the face - it all just feels amazing!!


15 spots available, sign up quick before they're gone!