Good Vibration Fridays: Restorative Yoga

Come join sound healer Liz Durkin, OTR/L and harper Andrew Anderson in our latest bi-monthly yoga class offering: a sound bath with healing frequencies of harp and singing bowls combined with a gentle Restorative Yin practice and Yoga Nidra. Restorative yoga poses are passive, utilizing props and focused breath to allow enough time for the fascia to release, increasing energy flow and awareness to targeted areas. It will be followed by Yoga Nidra, the yoga of sleep, a meditation that systematically brings your body into deep relaxation, often described as equivalent to four hours of sleep. When combined with harmonies from singing bowls and harp, we are able to access a brain state normally achieved in deep meditation or sleep.

Other benefits:

• Enhance flexibility.
• Deep relaxation, improved sleep.
• Activates parasympathetic nervous system.
• Ease anxiety and reduce stress.
• Balance chakras and endocrine system.

Please join Liz and Andrew for a peaceful evening of healing sound and restful poses to still your mind and body, helping you become your best self. Bring a friend. No previous experience necessary. We have a few yoga mats available, so please bring your own if you have one. Wear comfortable clothes and feel free to bring a warm blanket and pillow.

Date: March 15th

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: IRG Center For Structural Medicine, 2821 NW Market Street Suite E, Seattle, WA 98107

Cost: $20 per class

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Past, current and new patients welcome!

Meet the instructor, Liz Durkin:

Liz came to yoga later in life, at first to deepen her understanding of Jyotish, the science of light, another limb of the ancient Vedas, but what she found was the greatest healing gift of her life. For 20 years, yoga has been a powerful tool to heal both her mind and body from chronic pain and severe asthma. She has an eclectic background influenced by many teachers including Auryel Van Gemert, Jodi Boone, Katerina Wen, MJ Daniels, Dawn Jansen, and Marjorie DeMuynck, all with a common Bhakti, or devotional style.  Her teacher trainings have focused on Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra, which she uses to teach others to find their own inner and innate ability to heal by reconnecting with nature and its seasonal rhythms. Liz’s classes focus on calming meditative practices incorporating pranayama, vibrational sound, mudras, and mantras to restore the parasympathetic nervous system and bring deep healing. Main Influences/Styles/Traditions: Jyotish, Bhakti, Universal, and Vinyasa