Musicians Unstuck

We are excited to announce our next workshop! IRG Center for Structural Medicine is hosting a self-care workshop directed towards musicians and performing artists taught by our OT and professional musician, Valerie Tung, OTR/L, PBP.

This workshop will combine education and self-care techniques specifically geared towards musicians. Valerie will go over the latest research and clinical findings on the connective tissue in our bodies called fascia and the implications for artists’ movements, postures, and music-making for a variety of instruments and vocalists. This course will address not only musculoskeletal structure and its effects, but the unsung fascial connections that enable a higher level of play and stability. A whole-body perspective will be utilized, including self-care for both maintaining and increasing movement
throughout your body, and resources for getting help both in and out of the healthcare system.

  • Learn self-care techniques and exercises
  • Limit pain for repetitive use
  • Learn how your connective tissue moves
  • Improve posture for all types of musical performance, including vocal performance


  • Date: Monday September 24, 2018 | 6pm-8pm
  • $40 General | $30 for Under 25’s & AFM members

Book Your Spot! 

RSVP to reserve your spot now by calling 206-706-0063 or e-mailing

Payment & Logistics

Our Saturday workshops are prepay or exact cash only; credit cards will not be accepted on the day of the class. Pre-pay options:

  • Pay over the phone by calling 206-706-0063
  • Mail us a check to “Integrated Rehabilitation Group” at the address: 2821 NW Market St, Suite E, Seattle, WA 98107. 

Location: The Structural Medicine Studio in Ballard 

2821 NW Market St, Suite H | Seattle, WA 98107

If you have already paid before the class, feel free to head straight to the studio.

Bring a foam roller, yoga mat, and any massage/therapy balls if you own any of these. We will have some extras if you do not.