Webinar: Foot and ankle surgery with Dr. Yi of Proliance Surgeons Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle

Foot and ankle injuries are often thought of as sports injuries. However, something as simple as walking on an uneven surface can cause a painful, debilitating sprain.

Dr. Anthony Yi of Proliance Surgeons Orthopedic Specialists of Seattle joins IRG Center for Structural Medicine - Ballard providers Dr. Amanda Rixey, PT and Rachel Byrne, OTR/L to discuss minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery and rehabilitation.

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Dr. Anthony Yi is an orthopaedic surgeon with advanced training in foot and ankle surgery. He provides compassionate, thorough and effective care to treat issues related to the foot and ankle. Dr. Yi is committed to providing patients with treatment that leads to a complete recovery and life without restrictions through the most effective, safe, high-quality, innovative and state-of-the-art methods, including minimally invasive surgery.