IRG Physical Therapy & Sports Institute

IRG Sports Institute is the Performance Division of Integrated Rehabilitation Group: Offering Orthopedics, Sports Rehabilitation & Sports Performance Training all under one roof. 

We use our experienced and expert Performance Team – comprised of Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Movement Specialists and Sport Coaches – to support athletes and everyday active people. We strive to help all of our athletes enjoy the discoveries they make on the path towards success. No matter what the performance goal or reason for participation in sport may be, each training session leads us to learning bigger lessons than the original intended destination intended.

Injury Prevention

Every performance coach, program, training session, and exercise is looked at with the utmost important concept of injury prevention. We pride ourselves in helping our student-athletes avoid injury, training roadblocks, and avoid the loss of the most important element that you are never able to get back when injured: TIME. We actively take precautions to prescreen, communicate with rehabilitative and orthopedic teams, and progress at recordable and documented pace.

Functional Training

Activities in life and sport occur by Multi-Joint and Multi-Plane Movements and Patterns. We replicate this same idea in all of our training programs to better facilitate the everyday demands and needs of performing to the best of your ability. Programming modifications are based on personal needs and demands of the individual – from “prehab,” movement training, strength, and recovery needs.

Ground Based Movements

A further extension of Functional Training, most fundamental movements skills are initiated by applying force into the ground by the feet. All of our Performance, Movement (speed, agility, and related), and Strength Development Programs focuses on enhancing this ability to maintain and/or increase this important element that is so often replicated in real life movement.


Training is only a part of the equation of performing your best. The educational component of Recovery is emphasized every session for continued development of flexibility, mobility, stability, improved tissue quality, proper rest, and Nutrition. These are most often an educational component – and often the biggest missing link with active people today. With our certified and registered staff, we will implement realistic and practical tools to help all athletes understand how to deal with the most complicated roadblocks.