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IRG Physical Therapy – Parkside

At IRG Physical Therapy – Parkside, we focus on the prevention and rehabilitation of physical injury in an outpatient, fitness-oriented setting. Our approach utilizes proper body mechanics in all activities, as well as functional stretching, strengthening, and endurance programs tailored to your unique needs. We are located in the Red Lion Corporate Building, North of River Front Park, between Washington Street and Division Street. Our clinic is next to the scenic River Front Park just off the Centennial trail.

IRG Physical Therapy – Parkside prides itself on working to care for Spokane's aging population and with those who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. 

Our clinic offers an extensive array of services that assist with balance and falls prevention, and movement impairment training for those affected by Parkinson's. 


We are also happy to announce that we offer the Otago Exercise Program for improving balance and preventing falls.  

If balance is a challenge for you or a loved one, or if you’re worried about suffering a fall, consider The Otago (pronounced: OH-TAA-GO) Exercise Program. This is an evidence-based, structured, and progressive balance-improvement program proven to reduce the risk of falls in older adults.

IRG Physical Therapy – Parkside therapists are certified to administer this program, which incorporates strength and balance training over the course of approximately eight weeks, then moving on to a home exercise program. We focus on increasing leg strength, which ultimately improves balance. Otago was selected by the Centers for Disease Control in 2010 as an evidence-based fall prevention program and was implemented for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other skilled care providers. We are thrilled to offer this service to our Spokane patients. 

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