Community Partnerships

IRG is dedicated to providing services that improve patient awareness and enrich our surrounding communities. We strive to make a positive difference where we live, work, and play. We are innovators when it comes to partnering with our communities to develop programs, collaborate on projects, establish networking relationships and more. At IRG, we believe that building inclusive business partnerships with local companies throughout the Puget Sound regions allows for more sustainable opportunities for all involved. 

Become a part of a proud IRG legacy by becoming a sponsor for our yearly Charity Golf Tournament! 

IRG’s Golf Tournaments have proudly raised over $60,000 in its first two years to help support the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, Washington. We look forward to growing the reach and impact of our charity golf tournament in the years ahead.

Join our Northwest Medical Business Network

Calling all medical professionals looking to grow their businesses and referral sources. Are you interested in meeting other medical professionals to grow your practice? Join our Medical Business Network where we host exclusive meetings and networking events throughout the Puget Sound area. Give yourself the opportunity to connect, discuss practice building tactics and more. 

To join IRG's Medical Business Network, Contact our Director of Business Development, Alex Zitnik


Community Sponsorship 

Below are some of the teams, events, and organizations we are proud to support each year:
• Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School
• Boy Scouts of America
• Boys & Girls Club of Snohomish County
• Edmonds Community College
• Everett Community College
• Everett Silvertips Hockey Team
• Everett Youth Hockey
• Imagine Children’s Museum
• Jet City Roller Girls
• Number local High Schools, Junior High Schools, and Elementary Schools
• Mill Creek Little League
• Mill Creek Rotary
• Mukilteo Little League
• Pacific Rim Gymnastics
• Run for Heart
• Shoreline Community College
• Snohomish County Sports Commission
• Special Olympics
• US Figure Skating
• YMCA of Snohomish County

IRG Physical & Hand Therapy welcomes requests for corporate support from organizations aligned with our mission. Requests must be submitted electronically. The following organizations will be considered:

  • Organizations defined as nonprofit under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Public agencies
  • Private and public schools and PTAs
  • Events, programs and projects that focus on improving the quality of life of a community, particularly as it relates to health, nutrition and wellness.

Each request should include:

  • Evidence of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Nature of the request: sponsorship, public speaker, workshop or volunteer support
  • Overall description of your program
  • Description of how the organization will measure program results

IRG Partnership Philosophy

We are your biggest fan and want you to win!

It’s a challenging market and we’ll help you navigate it. We know that it’s competitive out there and you need every available advantage. At IRG, we give you the varied, customized services you need from one unified therapy company.
Let us help run your facility smoothly, so you can get down to the business of taking care of your patients.

Our growth has come through partnership with our patients. We believe close patient relationships, positive communication, and responsive action is the vital IRG difference. Additionally, we have earned this success and reputation through planned growth and the development of a management infrastructure to support the expansion of our services. IRG is committed to providing each individual we serve with the foundation of a true partnership.  For example, our on-site Clinic Directors are highly trained to be accountable for the overall program performance and success. We design programs based upon the specific needs of the facility opposed to the “one size fits all” approach. Support from regional management, recruiting, business development, billing, and clinical consulting compliments our on-site leaders.

We believe that this management structure enhances communication, offers our partners immediate access to people who are empowered to make decisions, decreases response time, and fosters an environment to develop stronger clinical programs that positively impact the lives of the facility patients & staff. 

And the best part is, your patients can continue to work with you in a facility they know and trust, while you benefit from enhanced services. Use our solutions within your own infrastructure and soon you’ll begin to see more efficient service, a wider breadth of resources and a depth of experience that will streamline your systems and help improve the quality of life for your patients.

We combine your strengths, clinical skills and physician relationships, with our strengths, financial and operational support, to form a partnership that delivers high-quality care built around your treatment philosophy.

Our clinics are built around our partners and their skills and interests. No two clinics are the same. We have clinics that specialize in sports medicine, hand therapy, spine, occupational medicine and some that do general orthopedic therapy. We have many partners who have one facility and others with multiple locations.
What do you want to do?  Are you ready for the next step up in the therapy world? Do you want to own your own clinic? We can help you.

Partnership Qualifications

We are looking for physical, hand and occupational therapists interested in being involved from the ground up to build new practices in growing communities in the Northwest. Our partnerships are built on a shared ownership model. This model allows the therapist/owner the decision-making independence for clinic programs and direction while administrative support services are provided from the home office. You will receive support services including clinical admin support, centralized management of billing, collections, contracting, accounts receivable, credentialing, HR and more.

Interested candidates should have the following qualifications:

  • 2-3+ years outpatient orthopedic experience / functional movement 
  • Strong communications skills 
  • Leadership skills and desire for business development 
  • Ability to build and maintain referral relationships 
  • Strong clinical skills 
  • Commitment to seizing opportunities and getting things done
  • Integrity: presents information directly and truthfully, keeping confidences and admitting mistakes 
  • Respect and appreciation of all people for the importance of their contributions 
  • Values teamwork and finds common ground to solve problems for the good of all 
  • Empowers and trusts associates to make decisions creating a climate of shared ownership
  • Hires the most talented person for every job
  • Invests in and supports professional growth and pursues continuous improvement

Our partner candidates are typically directors of outpatient therapy clinics who have been practicing in their market for several years. They have established an outstanding clinical reputation and are recognized by the medical community for their expertise. Physicians and patients refer directly to the therapist.