Institute of Clinical Excellence – Cervical Spine: Manual Therapy Management

This course will cover current best evidence in the physical therapy management of neck pain. Lecture material will summarize the developing body of literature regarding the subgrouping of cervical spine patients. We will present and discuss relevant safety concerns of evidence based treatments with a special emphasis on cervical spine thrust manipulation.

The laboratory component will focus on the safe and effective delivery of thrust and non-thrust manipulation to the cervicothoracic spine and supporting mobility and motor control exercises. The didactic portion will comprise 30% of the class with 70% of the time being spent in the lab.

Target Audience: Physical therapists, doctors of medicine, doctors of osteopathy, university faculty

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Date: Saturday September 26 - Sunday September 27, 2020

Location: IRG Physical & Hand Therapy - Gateway

Cost: $595.00

Instructors: Dr. Jeff Moore

Contact Hours: 16 CEUs

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