PRI Pelvis Restoration

This advanced lecture and lab course is designed to assist clinicians with those complex patients that are struggling to restore reciprocal function of their pelvis. The clinician will gain an appreciation for the influences of an asymmetrical pelvis and how this imbalance contributes to pelvis dysfunction. We will explore in detail the function of the pelvic inlet and outlet as it relates to anatomy, respiration, and asymmetry in a multiple polyarticular chain system. Participants will be able to restore pelvic and respiratory neutrality through a PRI treatment approach while keeping individual activities of daily living in mind.

Date: This event has been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Location: IRG Physical & Hand Therapy - Gateway

Cost: $525 (Early registration rate: At least 4 weeks before the course) $575 (Late registration rate: Within 4 weeks of the course)

Instructors: Lori Thomsen