Image of Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia

ATC, LAT | IRG Sports Performance and Athletic Training Mobile Clinic

“I believe that knowledge is power and that it should be shared freely between people. This is why I love learning from those around me and educating my patients during their time in the clinic.”

Eddie grew up in both Georgia and Renton, Wash. He credits athletics for helping him to develop as a person, making it an easy decision for him to pursue a career in this field. Over the years, Eddie has enjoyed visiting clinics and working with care providers to learn about the various injuries that he has sustained from boxing and playing soccer. 

As of current, Eddie has experience working in both an orthopedic clinic and an industrial setting. Assisting others to achieve optimal health has been very fulfilling for him.


  • Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training (Washington State University)

    Specialized Training

    • Athletic training
    • Work conditioning