Bike Fitting

A proper bike fitting can increase comfort, efficiency and performance on your bike.

Individual bike fitting by a trained professional, which will determine your ideal position on your bicycle, can have a powerful effect on your performance, as well as preventing or correcting injuries.  Because cycling is low-impact cardio exercise, it is often recommended after surgery, but unfortunately, poor form or fit can lead to new injuries.

Pain or numbness in any part of your body, but especially in the neck, low back or knees, may indicate a poor bike fit.  Other symptoms can include:

  • Pain on the inside or outside of the knee or along the IT band
  • Numb buttock(s)
  • Sore Achilles tendon(s)
  • Sliding forward or backward on the saddle; saddle sores
  • Pain in the ball of your foot

We will evaluate your body’s position relative to the handlebars, pedals and saddle. If you have to reach too far to grasp the handlebars, for instance, the bike’s stem length and angle may need correction.

Proper fitting can improve handling, leverage and pedaling force. Good balance and flexibility, especially of the hamstrings, quads and gluteus muscles, contribute to your coordination on the bike.