Welcome to IRG!

At IRG Physical & Hand Therapy, we recognize that each patient is a unique individual with unique needs. Our goal is to provide complete patient satisfaction for everyone who walks through our doors.

We care for the whole you; we listen to you and your needs and take a whole-body approach to treatment to help you be your best self.


The typical course of therapy

  1. CHECK IN FOR YOUR VISIT |  You will be greeted and checked in by our front office team. Please feel free to ask any questions about billing, insurance coverage or scheduling needs as they may arise. We will review your benefits and expectations at the first visit.
  2. COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION |  At your first visit, your provider will conduct a comprehensive evaluation. They will ask you questions about relevant medical history and symptoms, and will work with you to gently yet thoroughly assess your injury or condition. This allows your provider to get a detailed picture of the whole you so they can develop a plan of care with you.
  3. BUILD A HOME EXERCISE PLAN |  Patient education is very important to us. Your provider will guide you through exercises to perform at home, equipping you with the knowledge to safely execute these movements to minimize pain and to prevent further injury.
  4. STAY CONSISTENT |  Regular attendance is imperative to your success. At your initial evaluation, your therapist will determine your estimated treatment frequency and the duration of each visit as appropriate to reaching your goals.
  5. WORK AS A TEAM |  Your provider will be in contact with your referring physician throughout your rehabilitative process. This communication is maintained as necessary through regular progress notes and phone calls. All members of your care team share the same goal of helping you to recover as quickly as possible and respect that your journey is unique!
  6. WATCH YOUR PROGRESS |  Your progress will be closely monitored. Our providers will modify your treatment plan as necessary to ensure that you are moving toward your targeted outcome.

We encourage you to ask questions and to be an active participant throughout your time with us. We appreciate any information or feedback that can help us to best meet your needs!

Have you ever wondered what to expect during your first physical therapy appointment? In the video above, the staff at IRG Physical & Hand Therapy - Arlington take us through a sample visit at their clinic.