It’s All About a Healthy You!

At IRG, we provide a positive, practical, and informative approach to total health and  nutrition. We gear our eating plans and training programs toward each patient’s lifestyle and individual nutrition needs. Our nutrition counseling can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle by working with our registered dietitian nutritionist to improve your nutrition and exercise choices. A registered dietitian nutritionist is nationally certified to perform individual nutritional assessments and provide education and counseling for optimal results. This expertise can enhance your ability to achieve results that reduce risk to many common diseases and enjoy an improved quality of life through healthier choices.

Our nutrition counseling program can help patients realize many benefits:

  • Maintain & improve health through good nutrition
  • Improve body composition and weight loss
  • Achieve better workouts through proper fueling
  • Reach optimal performance levels for competitive athletes
  • Improve health for those with existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, & GI disorders

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