Orthotic Fabrication

Custom orthotics can limit abnormal motions, provide pressure relief and support structural weaknesses.

Your low back, knee or hip pain might actually be a result of abnormal foot motion. Custom orthotics (shoe inserts created from plaster molds of your feet) can limit these abnormal motions, provide pressure relief and support any structural weaknesses.

To determine whether orthotics may help you, the lower half of the body is scanned for abnormal motions in both un-weighted and standing positions. Static alignments of the pelvis, legs, and feet are also assessed. Changes in alignment will be noted during various tasks such as squatting and single leg standing. Gait analysis can reveal compensations your body might make for muscle weaknesses or joint restrictions.

Orthotics are often used in the treatment of:

  • Anterior knee pain (patello-femoral joint syndrome)
  • Illiotibial band syndrome
  • Hip tendonitis/bursitis
  • Low-back pain