Dr. Jonathan Drezner talks about Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Jonathan Drezner, M.D

Dr. Drezner is currently an Associate Professor and residency faculty member in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Washington, and Associate Director of the Hall Health Sports Medicine Fellowship. He is responsible for the orthopedic and sports medicine curriculum within the Family Medicine Residency. He also serves as Team Physician for the University of Washington Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.


Jonathan Drezner, M.D, from the University of Washington talks about sudden cardiac arrest in athletes on IRG Health Talk with Shannon O’Kelley, Physical Therapist and President of Integrated Rehabilitation Group. When an athlete suffers from sudden cardiac arrest on the playing field, it can be catastrophic or even fatal, unless that person can be treated quickly with a defibrillator. Understand some of the symptoms and risk factors and what to do if an athlete collapses during exertion.