Day in the Life –Sports Performance


The IRG Sports Performance team may seem like a bit of an enigma with their love for color coordinated workout gear, tall Nike socks and well-groomed hair, but their role is vital to creating lasting relationships within our communities. We spent a day with Ben Fuchs, PES, WITS to learn more about a day in the life of a Sports Performance Coach!


Ben Fuchs joined IRG in 2012 as a strength and conditioning coach and is currently the Head Sports Performance Coach for IRG Sports Performance. He works closely with athletes of all ages to help them achieve their goals through planning and facilitating group strength training sessions both in clinic and on-site at Mariner High school.


Ben is responsible for managing the sports performance contracts and schedules, marketing the program, and community presentations. On an average day, Ben starts off the morning at 6:00am at SPT – Everett to lead a private performance group for adults. Afterwards he works in the office or out in the community managing contracts, setting schedules and chasing new leads. In the afternoon, he arrives at Mariner High School to work with their athletes. Afterwards Ben will often lead another private program for high school athletes until 8:00pm. The goal of the IRG Sports Performance Program is to work with athletes long-term to help them perform to their peak potential and help them achieve greater success. There is much more to the work they are doing than squats and lunges, the heart of the sports performance program is to work hand in hand with our clinic staff to help athletes not only recover from injuries, but come back better and stronger than before their injury. When an athlete completes treatment there is still a lot of work to do and the sports performance program allows IRG to continue to work as a team with their therapist to help them achieve their goals.

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Ben Fuchs, PES, WITS