Top 4 Fall Sports Injuries To Avoid This Season


School has started and with it comes a new season of fall sports. Whether your kids are playing a high impact sport like football or a low impact sport like swimming there is a chance for injury. The severity of injuries can vary but familiarizing yourself with the most common sports injuries can help you get your athlete healthy and back in the game.

  • Ankle Sprain – Sprains and strains are the most common type of sports injury and can range from minor to complete tears within a ligament or tendon. An ankle sprain can often be treated with rest, ice, compression and elevation but more severe sprains may need medical attention.
  • Knee Injury (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) –Knee pain is caused by the kneecap repeatedly moving against the leg bone which damages the kneecap’s tissues and causes pain. While it can take up to six weeks for knee injuries to heal, low impact exercises are recommended to keep leg muscles strong.
  • Knee Injury (ACL Tear) – Sudden stopping and change of direction or a hard impact to the side of the knee can cause a strain or tear of the ACL. This is one of the most common sports injuries but athletes can often make a dull recovery with medical attention and physical therapy.
  • Shoulder Injuries – Shoulder injuries are caused by overuse and are common in sports that require overhead movement like swimming, basketball and volleyball. Shoulder injuries can be prevented by doing strength-building exercises in the off-season.

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