Cervical Health Awareness Month and Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Published - Jan 03, 2020

Cervical Health Awareness Month and Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Written By: Morgan Meyer, Public Relations

The month of January is Cervical Health Awareness month. Nearly 13,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. 38% of cervical cancer survivors report that they have chronic pelvic pain. Physical therapy can help provide relief of cervical cancer symptoms during treatment, as well as after, by addressing impairments such as fatigue, muscle weakness, and pain management. 

Not only does women’s health physical therapy help with cervical cancer symptoms, but it empowers women to understand how their bodies work, and take control of their health and wellness. A physical therapist specialized in women’s health, evaluates and treats the musculoskeletal disorders that may occur in women throughout their lifespan. Understanding the physiological differences, and impact of female hormones on the condition and recovery of women, is an important part of physical therapy that should not go unnoticed. 

Physical therapy can improve the stability of the pelvis to eliminate pain and incontinence, often preventing the need for surgery or medication. Using exercise and education, women’s health physical therapists can help with problems such as: Abdominal adhesions and scar tissue, abdominal diastasis, breast or cervical cancer post-surgical care, constipation, C-section post-surgical care, Coccydnia, Dyspareunia, endometriosis symptoms, incontinence of bladder or bowels, prenatal and postpartum concerns, pelvic region pain, sacroiliac dysfunction. 

IRG has specially trained women’s health therapists that provide custom care for common issues that affect women. Our therapists will tailor a treatment plan specific to the patient’s personal needs and comfort level. 

You can find IRG therapists that specialize in women’s health at IRG Physical Therapy - Evergreen in Everett, and IRG Physical & Hand Therapy - Smokey Point. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary injury screen to help get you back to your best self!