Provider Recommended Wellness Gifts for the Holidays

Published - Dec 12, 2023

The holidays are a perfect opportunity to give those in your life fitness and wellness gifts that promote physical health and mental wellbeing with benefits extending beyond this festive season. Investing in wellness-oriented presents goes beyond the typical exchange of items; it signifies a thoughtful commitment to nurturing the recipient's overall health and happiness. Our staff and healthcare professionals have curated a list of their favorite wellness items for holiday gift giving inspiration!

  1. Weighted or fabric resistance bands: These bands offer a portable and effective workout option, making them a great holiday gift for those seeking to add variety and challenge to their exercise routine. Resistance bands, used to enhance both strength and flexibility, can be found on Amazon.

  2. Fitness watch or heart rate monitor: A fitness watch serves as a comprehensive wellness tool, tracking activity, sleep, and other health metrics, making it an excellent gift for individuals aiming to monitor and improve their overall health. Heart rate monitors offer accurate tracking of heart rate zones, helping users optimize workouts and monitor their cardiovascular health. Both can be found at fitness tacker companies, like Garmin.

  3. Foam rollers: Perfect for aiding muscle recovery and relieving tension, foam rollers make an excellent gift for fitness enthusiasts or those needing relaxation after workouts or stressful days. They encourage self-massage and can help increase flexibility and reduce muscle soreness. These are commonly found at big-box retailers, such as Target.

  4. Strava or Peloton membership: A subscription to fitness platforms like Strava or Peloton offers access to guided workouts and a supportive community, making it a fantastic gift for individuals seeking motivation and structured exercise routines. Access these subscriptions directly through the Strava or Peloton websites for purchase.

  5. Interlocking exercise mats: These mats provide cushioning and support for various workouts, making them an ideal gift for creating a comfortable home gym space, promoting safety and comfort during exercise routines. You can find these at Walmart.

  6. Group fitness class: This is a great way to share a wellness experience for those both novice and experienced workout enthusiasts while also supporting local studios or franchises. Most cities offer a range of workout options within driving distance, such as yoga, cycling, Pilates and HIIT. You can purchase a class directly from the studio or on the location’s website.

  7. Kettlebells: Offering a versatile full-body workout, kettlebells make a great gift for fitness lovers looking to enhance their strength and endurance, especially when space might be limited for larger gym equipment. Kettlebells are sold at sporting goods stores like Rogue Fitness.

  8. Water bottles with ounce markers: Water bottles like these can help with tracking water intake, helping users to stay hydrated. You can find them in-store at retailers, such as REI.

  9. Wellness journal: A perfect tool for fostering mindfulness and self-reflection, wellness journals encourage individuals to track their habits, emotions and goals, making it an excellent gift for promoting mental health and self-care. These can be found at bookstores like Barnes & Noble.

  10. Balance pad: A balance pad is an ideal gift for anyone wanting to enhance stability and core strength. Our staff member recommends Airex, which can be found at medical supply companies.

  11. Reusable hot and cold packs or microwavable heating pads: These packs are versatile and provide relief for sore muscles or injuries, making them an ideal gift for anyone seeking pain relief, comfort or relaxation. Their reusable nature promotes sustainability and long-term use for ongoing wellness needs. You can find these at drug stores, such as Walgreens.

  12. Postpartum class: A postpartum class is a considerate gift for new mothers, providing guidance, support, and exercises tailored to help them regain strength and wellness after childbirth. These can be offered through local pelvic health providers and area studios providing postnatal workout programs.

  13. Biofreeze: Offering soothing relief for sore muscles and joint pain, Biofreeze makes for a practical gift, providing immediate comfort and aiding in post-workout recovery. You can find Biofreeze at drug stores, such as CVS.

  14. Orthopedic footwear: These shoes provide support and comfort for tired feet, making them a great gift for anyone seeking relief from foot-related issues or looking to prioritize foot health. Our provider recommends Brooks and Hoka, which can be purchased directly from the retailers as well as at orthopedic specialty stores. Finding the right fit is important when it comes to good walking shoes, so make sure you purchase them in-person.

  15. Paraffin unit for hands: A paraffin unit offers soothing relief for tired and achy hands, making it an ideal gift for individuals seeking relaxation and pampering. You can find these at big-box retailers and on Amazon.

  16. Pelvic floor trainers: These tools offer personalized pelvic floor exercises, making them an excellent gift for individuals seeking to strengthen pelvic muscles for improved wellness and health, particularly beneficial post-pregnancy or for addressing pelvic health concerns. Our pelvic floor physical therapist recommends KGoal, Perifit and Elvie. These are available for purchase on their respective official websites.

  17. Compression socks: Compression socks offer improved circulation and reduced muscle fatigue, making an excellent gift for travelers or individuals spending long hours on their feet. You can find these at fitness apparel retailers, such as Bombas.

  18. Reflective running gear: Reflective running gear is essential for safety during evenings and darker winter days and is a good gift for runners, ensuring visibility and safety during outdoor workouts in low-light conditions. You can find these at sporting goods retailers, such as REI.

  19. Acupressure mat: An acupressure mat is a thoughtful gift for promoting relaxation and wellness, offering a way to unwind and de-stress. You can purchase these at specialty retailers, such as Gaiam.

Each of these wellness gifts addresses specific aspects of health and well-being, making them thoughtful and beneficial presents for the holiday season. Note: These suggestions are not to be used as a substitute for medical advice from your provider. Discontinue with any pain or discomfort.


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