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Integrated Rehabilitation Group (IRG) is the Northwest’s premier physical and hand therapy group with specialized services that focus on rehabilitating and improving the function and performance of all of our clients. In our Industrial Athlete program, we are dedicated to providing superior training in wellness, safety and preventative education, and treatment opportunities for those in demanding positions to reduce the chance of injury and pain, increase performance, and create sustainable employees and human capital. 

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The IRG Team of performance specialists include a multifaceted and integrated high performance approach with strength and conditioning coaches, massage therapists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to create an environment of success. This three-tiered program focuses on:

  • Performance - Increasing performance and productivity through physical preparedness, wellness, and nutrition and their role together
  • Recovery - Understanding the importance of sleep, nutrition, and stretching methods on musculoskeletal pain management and repair
  • Mentality - Obtaining the motivation to prepare, perform, and enhance one’s daily, weekly, and overall outlook on production

Interested? We have the performance program that is functional, foundational, and completely customizable to your organization. We want to hear from you about your needs. Contact us today for a FREE consultation with our Industrial Athlete team.

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