Healthy Snacking Tips

Published - Sep 18, 2020

Does working from home have you snacking a little too much on the bad stuff? When your desk and the pantry are within a few feet of distance, it can be tempting to go for chips, crackers and cookies - all the snacks that you would not normally have access to if you were at home all day. This can be tough because you may be tempted to snack on junk food just because it is convenient and you may not even be hungry.

As the nature and pace of life evolves with the developing pandemic, so do our eating habits. Snacking and eating more frequently throughout the day can be more beneficial than eating three large meals a day – if you keep the small meals and snacks healthy. Ensuring that you are eating the right type of snack for you and your lifestyle is what is important!

Snacks for a busy parent who does not get the chance to exercise much may be different from those of an avid runner or gym-goer who needs to eat more hearty substance more frequently.

If you are a busy parent with a busy schedule, your snacks should be healthy, portable and easy to eat with small hands in case your little ones get hungry too. Sliced veggies and fruit, string cheese, whole grain crackers and dips such as nut butters and hummus are good options for eating on the go. Oranges, bananas, frozen berries and popcorn are also healthy choices that are relatively inexpensive as well!

If you are frequently exercising, your snacks should be providing you with adequate nutrients to help you power through and recover from a tough workout. For a pre or post workout snack, carbohydrates, fat and protein will ensure you are energized and ready to work. Hard-boiled eggs and an apple; beef jerky and berries; cottage cheese, almonds and grapes; cereal, crackers, smoothies and bananas; trail mix; tuna and crackers, oatmeal with a nut butter; and avocado toast are all great options to fuel-up on.

Overall, avoiding high-processed, high-calorie items and replacing them with whole foods is important in keeping your body healthy. Eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day is great to keep your body from getting too hungry.