The Days After Your Vasectomy

Published - Jul 10, 2020

Written by: John Benedict Abano MD FAWM CIME, Family Medicine/Vasectomist

Congratulations! You did it. You have gotten the safest, surest form of permanent male contraception available today, ensuring protection for you and your partner. I’m sure it was a feat that you looked forward to for the last several days, but in fact, you are surprised at how easy and quick it was. But now what? When do you get back on the saddle? When can you start working again? When can you lift weights or go for a run again? When can you begin to engage your partner in bed?

In the initial first 48 to 72 hours, mild discomfort can be expected. This can be managed with ice and rest. It is important to limit lifting and physical activity during this time due to vascular recovery. The vascular strength is approximately 25 to30 percent during this time, due to inflammation or irritation. Heavy lifting, trauma and quick movements can create a longer healing timeline. Getting as much rest as possible within this time period will optimize your overall recovery experience. Just like treating a sprained ankle, resting, icing and some anti-inflammatories can mean a lot.

After 48-to 72 hours, light activities can be initiated. I usually recommend intercourse after the first week or when the discomfort has gone away, whichever comes last. Some places allow intercourse after the first 72 hours, - I’m just thinking if it were myself, I would wait and let that area heal. I would rather do the waiting now rather than have to wait longer because I returned to “play” too soon.

After the first week, a gradual return to exercise can be initiated,. I generally recommend a light jog or cardio. Wait until the second week prior to re-engaging in long distance running or motorbikes, - anything that stresses the pelvic area might not be wise to do too soon. Treat the area like a strained muscle that needs to be conditioned back to health.

Lastly, it is not uncommon after several weeks of being “ok” that one side might starts aching again. Normal tissue healing will include scar tissue, which can stretch similarly to when you go to the gym and do biceps curls for the first time. It is usually limited to a few days of ache, generally heals rather quickly and makes that area less susceptible to pain the next time.

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