The MELT® Method: a treatment modality for fascia self-care

Published - Oct 05, 2021

The MELT® Method: a treatment modality for fascia self-care

Content provided by Rayna Hwynn, MELT® L5 instructor

Clinically reviewed by Darren Crout, PTA, TPI Cert.

Have you ever noticed that your muscles feel stiff or tight after sitting for a while, leaving you wanting to shift positions or stretch? When you wake up in the morning, have you discovered that sometimes (or all the time) your feet feel sore and uncomfortable on your walk to the bathroom? That feeling is your fascia telling you (or yelling at you) that it is dehydrated.

What is your fascia? Why is it talking to you? What is it trying to communicate to you, and what can you do about it? This is where the MELT® Method comes in.

Fascia is the tissue within your body that gives it structure and dimension, surrounding and supporting all of your bones, muscles and organs. It connects every part of your body, containing your nerves, sensory cells, blood vessel system and lymphatic system. Your fascia keeps you balanced, upright and stable in your everyday living — it is an important yet commonly neglected part of the body.

Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT® Method, developed MELT® as a treatment that can be taught by a trained MELT® instructor or learned from the comfort of your own home in as little as 10 minutes per session.

Several components of the method are aimed toward identifying and releasing “stuck stress” in your body (“stuck stress” is the precursor to future pain in your joints and muscles). One such component is the developing of an awareness of fascial dehydration. This includes recognizing where in your body the dehydration is located and how it is affecting your body’s ability to balance. The daily practice of MELT® techniques can provide relief and prevent future joint pain through its focus on this component.

Those who follow the MELT® Method will use a soft MELT® foam roller (very different from the hard foam rollers that are often used on the muscles) and specialized MELT® balls to discover, prepare, rehydrate and release stress in the fascia. It is a gentle technique that encourages your body’s natural repair system to work more efficiently at restoring hydration and balance to your tissues.

MELT® techniques can be easily incorporated into your wellness routine via one of the following:

  • One-on-one instruction from a trained MELT® instructor personalized to your unique needs
  • A group class lead by a trained MELT® instructor
  • Videos found on MELTMETHOD.COM through the MELT® On Demand streaming service platform

If you are looking to age without restriction while continuing to participate in the activities that you love the most, daily practice of the MELT® Method can keep your body moving easily and without pain. Click here to learn more about MELT® L5 Instructor Rayna Hwynn and her service offerings, or visit METHODMETHOD.COM for more information about the MELT Method®.

Providers at IRG Physical & Hand Therapy can collaborate with a MELT® trained instructor to address your pain by incorporating the MELT Method® into your individualized treatment plan. Click here to request an appointment with an IRG therapist — Washington is a direct access state that allows patients to self-refer to physical therapy. Call 425.316.8046 to learn more about starting the journey back to your best self.