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Our physical therapists work with each child in a fun and engaging manner to assess fine and gross motor skills and develop an individualized treatment program.

IRG Cascade Children's Therapy - Mill Creek has the unique privilege of working with Don Buethorn, CPO, owner of Cascade DAFO. We offer monthly on-site appointments that include a thorough assessment, casting, and quick turnaround time for any necessary braces or orthotics. We also facilitate the provision of wheelchairs, gait trainers. and other specialized adaptive equipment.

Approaches and techniques

Our therapists are trained in various treatment approaches, including:

Equipment and modalities that may be used in sessions include:

Image for Pediatric Developmental Physical Therapy

Common indications that your child may benefit from a pediatric physical therapy evaluation:

  • Flattening of your baby's head shape on the back or sides (brachycephaly and/or plagiocephaly)
  • Preference of your baby to hold their head tilted or rotated to one side, beyond two months of age
  • Delayed acquisition of developmental milestones, such as not:
    • Rolling by eight-months old
    • Sitting by nine-months old
    • Crawling by 11-months old
    • Standing by 13-months old 
    • Walking by 16-months old
    • Jumping by 24-months old
    • Standing on either foot for at least five seconds by three-years old
  • Walking on tiptoes for more than 70% of the time, beyond two-years old
  • Falling often and appearing clumsier than peers
  • Difficulty keeping up with peers during prolonged physical activity
  • Struggling with coordination skills such as jumping, climbing, running, throwing, catching and/or kicking

Patient resources

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