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Customized Therapy For Every Lifestyle 

Our clinicians focus on balancing physical, emotional, and mental well-being by applying a range of hands-on manual therapies and by teaching customized self-care programs to practice at home. Our therapists know that the individual is at the center of his or her own care and that each client has a unique healing path. Self-care and movement programs are used to empower clients to prevent further injury, improve overall wellness, and achieve balance to the whole body and mind. 

Techniques used for self-care programs: 

  • Mindfulness              
  • Relaxation      
  • Stress management 
  • Pain management    
  • Self-care        
  • Stretching 

Techniques used for movement programs:  

  • Body mechanics
  • GYROTONIC movement
  • Therapeutic yoga 
  • Foam rolling
  • MELT exercise
  • Strengthening

Our Goal

Empowering our patients

Take the first step to feeling better