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MELT and Fascia Self-Care

Your bones, muscles, and organs are held in a nerve-rich connective tissue called fascia. Myofascial Energetic Length Technique, or MELT, is an effective self-care method of maintaining the health of your fascia. Using simple yet precise techniques of positive compression with a soft foam roller and balls, MELT moves are designed to stimulate your connective tissue on the cellular level and promote healing.

What does MELT do? 

Most foam rolling and ball-rolling techniques are about muscle tissue or bones. While MELT greatly influences all structures including muscle and bone, it is designed for a different body system: the system that supports the cellular structures of your body. MELT techniques decompress your body and set the stage for greatly improved nerve to muscle connections and flexibility. 

MELT and other methods of fascia self-care help individuals: 

  • Reduce the signs of aging 
  • De-stress 
  • Move with more ease 
  • Boost athletic timing for performance

Our clinic offers regular MELT and fascia self-care classes, workshops, and series.