Pelvic Health Webinar Series

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Session 1: The Core & Pelvic Floor (Thursday, February 15th | 6pm)

Worried about your pelvic floor? Having trouble doing your daily tasks? We will discuss the role of the pelvic floor, how to build awareness of this important muscle, and when you might need to reach out to a pelvic physical therapist for support. 

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Session 2: Pregnancy, Labor Positions & Pelvic Floor (Thursday, March 14th | 6pm)

The body changes so much during pregnancy! We will discuss the body changes that occur during pregnancy, the role of the pelvic floor, and labor positioning to improve comfort and help progress labor. Learn what you can do, and what a birth partner can do, to help you with pregnancy and labor. 

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Session 3: Postpartum Fitness for the Pelvic Floor (Thursday, April 18th | 6pm)

What is “normal” postpartum? We will discuss what normal movement looks like postpartum, we’ll practice an evidence-based exercise progression for postpartum individuals and discuss how to know if you’re ready to progress or need to give your body more rest. 

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Session 4: Helping Constipated Kids (Thursday, May 16th | 6pm)

Is your child struggling with constipation? We will discuss what contributes to constipation and how to help your child get things moving. 

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