Convenient Physical Therapy services, when and where you want it. 

With IRG On-Demand powered by Luna, you’ll get physical therapy at your home, gym or office on your schedule.

Helping patients continue the care they need, no matter the situation. 

With IRG On-Demand powered by Luna, patients can continue to receive the care they need, no matter what the situation is. We know that the current pandemic state of things can make it challenging to go to a clinic, so bring the services directly to you! Our service is covered by most insurance providers and there is no prescription needed to start treatment.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

When and Where will IRG On-Demand physical therapists be able to see patients? 

  • IRG is proud to be a leader in innovation, and bring to the Puget Sound area a partnership with Luna PT. Our IRG On-Demand powered by Luna providers can see patients in their homes, offices, or wherever and whenever is convenient for them to continue the care they need. These services are more important than ever during these unprecedented times. 

Will IRG On-Demand accept my insurance? 

  • IRG On-Demand powered by Luna accepts many insurance plans and we handle the benefits verification process for you. Often you will pay the same co-pay as in the clinic, however Luna will review your On-Demand benefits to determine if there are any differences for the On-Demand service. We accept most major insurances. We recommend that all patients familiarize themselves with their insurance plans and understand their benefits. To find out your benefits, please call the number on the back of your insurance card. Insurance carriers are well-equipped to answer all of your benefits questions.

Do I need a doctor's referral to be seen by an IRG On-Demand provider? 

  • Washington state is a direct access state, meaning that you are not required to have a doctor's referral to be seen by a physical therapist, including an IRG On-Demand provider. 

Will I see the same provider every time I have an appointment with you? 

  • We try to establish patients with the same provider during their entire course of care. IRG On-Demand physical therapists work with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs. Sometimes your scheduling priorities may require adjustments, but you will always know who is seeing you for your appointment in advance.

How long will my appointment last? 

  • Just as our traditional in-clinic appointments, being seen by an IRG On-Demand provider will typically last between 45-55 minutes. 

What equipment will I need to provide to my IRG On-Demand physical therapist?  

  • Nothing! Your Physical Therapist will bring their own treatment table and a mobile kit that includes any equipment that might be needed for the visit. 90% of cases don’t need heavy machines. Our physical therapists are also very creative and may use common household items to supplement your care.