Delicious Dairy-Free Snacks - Wellness Wednesday

Published - Feb 03, 2021

Dairy doesn’t agree with everyone. So, whether your lactose intolerant, dairy sensitive or simply trying to limit your intake, look no further for healthy non-dairy recipes and snack ideas.

  • Since dairy is an excellent source of calcium and fortified with vitamin D, try to incorporate foods into your diet which contain those key nutrients.
  • Fruits and veggies are always a delicious go-to snack. Look for pre-chopped options at your local grocer for added convenience.
  • Other recipes to try: Toast with Hummus and Veggies or “Cheese” Pizza Kale Chips  

Whip up a batch of Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies for a dairy-free snack to munch on all week long! Click here to see how quickly they come together.


Wellness Wednesday brought to you by Julie Mahler (Registered Dietitian) and Taryn Jones (Dietetic Intern)