Power Up with Plant Based Protein - Wellness Wednesday

Published - Feb 03, 2021

Power Up with Plant-based Protein

Eating a variety of vegetarian protein sources is key to ensuring you’re consuming all essential amino acids. Focusing on complete proteins will help meet your daily protein requirements.

  • Sources of vegetarian complete proteins include: eggs, quinoa, soy (tofu, tempeh, edamame), mycoprotein, hemp seeds and chia seeds
  • Throughout the day, incorporate foods that combine complementary protein sources. Rice and beans, peanut butter and toast, or hummus and pita bread are great combinations that provide all nine essential amino acids. Remember, it’s not necessary to eat these foods in one meal to be effective.
  • Try this Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burrito Bowl or a Simple Edamame Pasta Salad.

Here’s a simple Chickpea and Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner from A Couple Cooks. Click here to see how fast it comes together!

Wellness Wednesday brought to you by Julie Mahler (Registered Dietitian) and Taryn Jones (Dietetic Intern)