Ladder Safety

Published - Dec 10, 2019

During the holiday season putting up and taking down decorations with a ladder can be a dangerous task if used improperly. We see quite a bit of injuries around this time of year related to falls that could have been prevented. No one wants to spend the holidays injured! The following are a few ladder safety tips to review prior to putting up, or taking down your decorations this season.

Choose the right ladder for the task - 

Make sure the ladder you are using is able to hold your weight, as well as the weight of any decorations or tools you are taking up with you. Be sure to use the ladder with the correct height for whatever you are doing, as straining to reach a certain area can be a fall risk.

Inspect your ladder for damage before using - 

Make it a habit to inspect your ladder every time you use it. Loose screws, hinges, or rungs and make sure there are no broken or bent parts. Ensuring there is no mud or debris that could cause you to slip.

Set it up correctly -

If you are using a step ladder, make sure it is completely open and locked into place to prevent any instability. Make sure it is set up on even stable ground, nothing that is soft, muddy, or uneven.

Don’t let a preventable injury ruin your holidays! If you do find yourself with a nagging pain or injury, visit your neighborhood clinic for a complimentary injury screen.