How to get the most out of your physical and hand therapy sessions.

Published - Jan 31, 2019

If you’ve found yourself at the end of your therapy treatments and still experiencing pain, we’re here to help. We’ve collated a few ideas from our experts and we encourage you to talk with your physical or occupational therapist when you’re feeling stuck. Our number one goal is helping you feel better.


Give it time – In general, you should continue with your physical or hand therapy sessions until you reach your goals. The length of time varies depending on your condition. It typically takes six to eight weeks for soft tissue to heal so most injuries will take at least that long.

Communicate – Make sure you’re having an open dialogue with your therapist on how you’re feeling at the start and end of every session. We are committed to helping you reach your goals. Let us know how you’re feeling and what your goals are and we’ll work together to help you reach them.

Complete your homework – Have you been committed to giving it your all? Are you doing your home exercises as prescribed and avoiding activities that aggravate your condition? We’re committed to your health and healing and we need you to be too. This team approach will help you get back to the activities you love.

Ask about additional resources – Talk to your therapist about other modalities or resources that may be available to help. Would you benefit from the latest cutting edge technique? Are you a candidate for stem cell therapy? Perhaps acupuncture or myofascial release might help your condition. Your IRG therapist is part of a network of nearly 40 clinics throughout the Puget Sound who can help get you in the right place if you’re not already there. IRG’s Ballard clinic, for example, offers a host of alternative therapies including Accupuncture, Bowen Therapy, GYRTONIC ®, MELT Method, and Functional Movement Classes

To find out if these therapies may be right for you

Check out our Ballard Clinic

IRG is committed to getting back to your best self. Let us help you reach your goals in 2019.