Image for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is a method that enables therapists to mimic the stress and biological response that lifting heavy weights enacts of the body, but that only requires the use of light and manageable weights. This is especially helpful in the physical therapy and rehabilitation setting as it allows for the creation of an environment suitable for hypertrophy (muscle growth), without compromising a repaired ligament, tendon or joint. This technology has the potential to speed up recovery times, increase muscle mass and decrease post surgical muscular atrophy, though this technology is not exclusively for post surgical patients. BFR is also very beneficial for patients who cannot lift heavy loads due to pain in a specific joint or body part, as it allows them to build muscle without placing unneeded stress on their joints. 

In clinical research, BFR has been shown to lead

• Improved muscular strength.
• Increased muscular cross-sectional area.
• Prevention of muscular atrophy.
• Development of newer and healthier blood
• Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.
• Improved bone mineral density.

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