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IRG Center for Structural Medicine - Ballard 

At the IRG Center for Structural Medicine – Ballard you will find a mindfulness-based therapy practice that is unique to our traditional physical and hand therapy clinics. Here, we provide alternative therapies that help to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and total mind-body healing. If conventional care has not fully healed a patient, we are a great resource. 

The human body is an amazing and complex matrix of systems that work in harmony with one another to maintain a balance of optimal health and function. Our clinic’s mission is to practice holistic, patient-centered physical and occupational therapy that facilitates a person’s innate power to heal.

Our intention is to hold a safe space for the restoring of the whole self. An integrative team approach at the IRG Center for Structural Medicine – Ballard honors the spirit of all who enter our facility while assisting in the relief of suffering, enhancing resilience, and restoring function so that all of our patients may move forward in their journey to becoming their best selves. 

Therapists at the IRG Center for Structural Medicine – Ballard are endorsed for spinal manipulation with advanced training in respiration, postural balance and more.

Please note*
IRG Center for Structural Medicine - Ballard does not accept Kaiser insurances. 
We require referrals to Occupational Therapy


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